Jeremy C. Parsons
Referee & Promoter
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Under the name Blackjack Parsons, I am the senior referee and promoter of Michiana Championship Wrestling and U-Pro Wrestling. I got my start in the business in 1997 by chance with the MVWA in St. Louis. I was supposed to work security that night, but was approached by promoter Steve Murphy to be the referee when the original referee was a no-show. From there, history was made!

I went on to ref for the MVWA and ICW in southern Indiana before taking a sabbatical. I returned to the squared circle in 2005 with IPW in Muncie, working in front of often sold out crowds, and with former WWE Women's champion, Trish Stratus, in a segment that was taped but never aired for the CBS reality show, "Armed and Famous". In December 2006, I had my first pro match, in the 2-ring 100 man battle royal for the HWA in Dayton, OH.

In 2008, I moved back to my old stomping grounds in the northern Indiana area, where I began officiating for NWA-Underground, and also worked a show for EVO in Logansport, Indiana.

Towards the end of 2008, I established Michiana Championship Wrestling in order to put together a cancer benefit show for my mom. During the show, Jimmy "The Hype" Shalwin threatened to take the winner's purse of the battle royal rather than donate it back into the show, as all of the other wrestlers had agreed to do. I elected to put myself into the main event match to prevent Shalwin from winning. I eliminated several wrestlers from the match, and much to my surprise, it came down to me and Shalwin. I got the upset win by flipping Shalwin over the top rope, and in the process, became the first Michiana Heavyweight champion! I went on to co-promote other Goshen and Warsaw shows with NWA-Underground, under their name.

On October 24, 2010, I promoted my second MCW show in Bourbon, Indiana called Haunted Havoc. I kicked the show off by saying I'm a referee and not a wrestler, and vacated the Michiana Heavyweight title. I hand-picked 4 men to compete in a tournament for the title, which was won by Lance Storie.

In March 2011, Storie and I had a disagreement when I declared that I technically still had a clause for a title shot. Storie laughed it off, and during his title defense against Hank Calhoun, I grabbed the title, hit Storie with it, and called out a 2nd referee who made the count. My victory was short-lived though as John Lawson was given an immediate title shot. He clotheslined me, and put me in a Camel Clutch to win the title. Just days later, the title decision was reversed, since Lawson took out the 2nd official, causing a 3rd one to come out. Declaring myself the "Michiana Icon", I went on to square off against Dick The Bruiser Jr. shortly thereafter, then issued a challenge to Hardcore Harry for the NWA Indiana Heavyweight title. The two of us would meet in a title -vs- title match in Bourbon, IN on June 4, 2011. In aa brutal hardcore match, Harry nailed me with a chairshot to the back and head, en route to winning the Michiana Heavyweight title.

After that, I continued wrestling in battle royals from time to time and a few single matches under a mask as The Mishawaka Dragon. I was the senior referee for Pro Wrestling King, and also started up U-Pro. Around the same time, I was able to achieve one of my goals by refereeing shows at Coveleski Stadium in South Bend.

As of 2017, I no longer referee or promote, but never say never. I've had the opportunity to appear on television, work as an extra for Dragon Gate USA, and work with some big names in the business like: Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Haku, Marty Jannetty, Tito Santana, The Barbarian, Cowboy Bob Orton, Shark Boy, Chris Hero, Zach Gowen, Kongo Kong, Trish Stratus, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Dan "The Beast" Severn, Shane Douglas, Virgil, Brutus Beefcake, and Bushwhacker Luke. I've been very fortunate to do what I've done in the pro wrestling business!

***Titles Held***

11/08/2008 -- eliminated Jimmy "The Hype" Shalwin in a 20-man Battle Royal to become the first Michiana Heavyweight champion in Goshen, IN.
***Vacated the title on 10/24/2010 in Bourbon, IN.

03/05/2011 -- defeated Lance Storie for the Michiana Heavyweight Title in Elkhart, IN.
***Lost the title to John Lawson on 03/05/2011 in Elkhart, IN.

03/13/2011 -- awarded the Michiana Heavyweight title on a reverse decision at MCW Headquarters in Mishawaka, IN.
***lost the title to Hardcore Harry in a "hardcore" match on 06/04/2011 in Bourbon, IN.

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