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2006: A Year In Review For IPW
December 23, 2006

Welcome to the greatest thing you'll read this week! That's right, it's another edition of Blackjack's Wrestling Blog! First of all, happy holidays to everybody reading this!

Two weeks ago, I was set to write about the aftermath of Seasons Beatings. Instead, just 2 days after that show, I was told there would be ANOTHER show. For the first time in history, IPW promoted two shows within less than a week. Needless to say, I think our fans walked away from both shows very happy. Feedback has been awesome for both shows, and I've been contacted by many people who are anxious to get their hands on the Christmas Stratusfaction DVD.

I'm not going to talk about the results of the matches too much, simply because they can be found elsewhere on this site. I will say that IPW Heavyweight champion Doctor Love, and Mr. Smiley beat the living hell out of eachother at Seasons Beatings in a "street fight". After interference from The Alliance and the rest of the locker room, I had no choice but to declare their match a no-contest. Six days later, Smiley of course defeated Love in a non-title match. Needless to say, I would think Smiley will be in line for an actual title shot in February. Perhaps IPW President Ted Eaglin will get it right, and ban The Alliance from ringside.

Of course the big story coming out of Christmas Stratusfaction, was the fact that we had 7-time WWE Women's champion, Trish Stratus at our show. Of course, Stratus has been in Muncie filming the show, Armed & Famous, set to air on CBS on January 10th. Stratus and other celebrities have teamed up with the Muncie Police Department in the newest television reality show. Stratus was fantastic! She came in not knowing what was going on, and served as the special "enforcer" in the Love/Smiley match. She questioned my calls in the ring a couple of times, but I let it slide ;) She also got a huge pop from the crowd when she knocked Justin Tyme into a casket! CBS had a camera there filming the entire match, and odds are, some of it will air on CBS sometime in late January, or early February... we don't know for sure. The publicity IPW got out of this was great as well. Roughly two dozen wrestling news sites reported on it, as well as WWE commentator, Jim Ross, who mentioned it on his independent website. Also, for those who don't know, this was Trish's first wrestling appearance since she retired from WWE, which simply made it that more special.

I don't mind saying this to anyone... THAT is how we should've ended the show! Instead, as Trish was mobbed by the fans, we started our 8th and final match of the evening, a tag team match between Atlas & A.C. Knight against Team P.R.M., from Rose City Championship Wrestling. Frankly, it wasn't fair to those four guys to attempt to follow up that segment. It was a decent match, and perhaps they'll have a chance to work it again at a future show, when more people are actually paying attention.

The show also featured an unusual 12-man blind fold battle royal. Despite announcing his retirement on December 9th, "Pitbull" Rodney Fultz returned for this and won the match! Needless to say, his back took a huge beating in the match. He suffered even more damage in a rematch against Pastor Pain afterwards. Hopefully the damage isn't too severe, and Pitbull can return to the ring someday.

Of course, we ended the year on a bang, and we're looking forward to kicking off 2007 with a bang as well! Rumor has it, IPW will be having a reunion show that includes several names from the past returning to IPW. Due to various negotiations still ongoing, I cannot say at this time who is scheduled to appear. Just keep checking back to for all of the details!

2006 was an incredible year for IPW. We ended up having 5 shows, and hope for even more than that in 2007. As we look back at 2006 though, here top 10 events of IPW for the year. Some of them are good.... some, not so good.

10. The women return to IPW
Some people walked out of Chesterfield Daze saying it was the match of the night. Quite frankly, I'd have to agree. IPW plucked some talent out of the Cincinnati-based HWA. When it was all said and done, Nevaeh defeated "Hardcore" Heather Owens, thanks to help from her manager, Chuck Van Dorn. They were scheduled to have a rematch at Haunted Havoc. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the event never took place. We hope to see these two battle it out at some point in 2007!

9. Mennaker, out.... Eaglin, in!
In mid-2006, longtime IPW President, Brian Mennaker, decided to step down for unknown reasons. Fans were suprised when former IPW Head of Security, Ted Eaglin was announced as the new President. Ted has been involved in the business for 3 decades now, and seems to have a good grasp on what the fans want.

8. The re-birth of The Alliance
At Slamfest '06, Doctor Love kicked the show off by turning on his protege, A.C. Knight. Knight took a beating by Love & C.R. Rage, until Quicksilver made the save. Seemingly angry, Quicksilver offered to give up his title match against Doctor Love later in the evening, in favor of a tag team match. As the match took place, Quicksilver shocked the fans by nailing Knight with a steel chair. Love, Quick, and Rage announced the re-birth of The Alliance, and name Sue Musick as their manager shortly thereafter.

7. He's here.... no, he's not!!!
Fans were excited as hell in September when we announced that we had just signed The Honky Tonk Man to appear at Haunted Havoc! It what was designed to be our show of the year, the rug was pulled out from under us just 3 weeks prior due to losing the building. Rumor has it that a wrestler from a rival promotion was responsible for our loss of the building because he was never able to book the same building when he asked for it. Whatever the case may be, the fact is, we were not able to get another building booked in time, and Honky wasn't able to come to town.

6. IPW presents Year-End Awards
For the first time in IPW's history, Year-End Awards were presented at Seasons Beatings. Voting was conducted by our fans online from October 30th thru December 1st. It was something that the fans seemingly enjoyed, and we WILL be doing it again next year!

5. Where the hell are the tag team titles?
Due to the retirement of Billy Ray Saylors mid-2006, the titles were declared vacant on October 4th. Since then, nothing has been mentioned of the titles, other than from Saylors's former partner, Cousin Bubba. C'mon, IPW!!! When are we going to crown new champions, already?

4. Syndrome's path to stardom
Whether you like him or not, Syndrome is one of the stand-out performers of IPW. The fans seem to be into him, and he had an incredible year in 2006. At Chesterfield Daze, he seemingly won a Fatal Five-Way match for the U.S. title, only for it to be announced the next day that it was a NON-title match. Now that the U.S. title is vacant again, Syndrome is my odds on favorite to win the belt!

3. "Pitbull" Rodney Fultz announces his retirement
At Seasons Beatings, Pitbull was given awards for Most Popular Wrestler of The Year, as well as Match of The Year, for his participation in the Chicago Street Fight match at February Fury. After winning the awards December 9th, Pitbull retained his U.S. title against Pastor Pain. Afterwards, in a very emotional interview, Pitbull surrendered the title to President Eaglin, and announced his retirement due to medical reasons. Hopefully it's just a temporary thing, and we see Pitbull back in the ring a year from now.

2. Trish Stratus invades IPW
7-time WWE Women's champion Trish Stratus, made a special appearance for IPW on December 15th at Christmas Stratusfaction. Stratus was the special outside "enforcer" in a match between Mr. Smiley and Doctor Love. She even got involved in the action by punching Justin Tyme, which sent him flying into a casket.

1. Doctor Love cashes in
After a 2-year hiatus from the ring, President Mennaker asked Love to return at February Fury, in a effort to help regain some of our fanbase. Doc agreed on one condition: he would get a "money in the bank" title shot. What that meant is, Doc would get a title shot anytime, anyplace, whenever he felt like it. Fast forward to the main event that night, as IPW Heavyweight champion Ryan A. Wrath squared off against Pastor Pain. I was laying the count on both men. Just as they both got to their feet, Doc nailed both of them in the head with the IPW title. He then covered Wrath, and got the 1-2-3, as well as the Heavyweight championship.

Well folks, that's all I've got. Let's hope 2007 is even better for IPW than what 2006 was! And as always, we wouldn't have had a great year if it wasn't for YOU, our many, many, fans! Have a Merry Christmas, folks, and a safe, and happy new year!

See ya in 2007!


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