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Two Goals Down!
March 19, 2017

Starting weight on 1/01/2017: 356 lbs.

Last week's weight on 3/12/2017: 319.5 lbs.

This week's weight on 3/18/2017: 316.5 lbs.

I hit 2 goals this week, both of which were on the same day! On Saturday, I hit the 2-mile mark on the treadmill. I always use the "weight-loss" interval program on the treadmill, so it's always the same time. 36 minutes. 3 minutes warm up, 28 minutes of fast paced, and 5 minutes for cool down. I also hit the 40-pounds lost mark. Technically, it's 39.5 but hey, I was quite excited to see the 316 on the scale. Here's what the week looked like.

Monday morning: Thrive vanilla shake w/banana.

Workout: I'm not sure where my notes are. Ugh. Rest assure, I did work out.

Lunch: Deli turkey on gluten-free bread with lettuce and olive oil mayo, and a cup of mandarin oranges.

Dinner: Gluten-free pizza casserole. It's quite awesome!

Tuesday Morning: Thrive vanilla shake w/banana

Workout: Treadmill: 36 minutes - 1.59 miles - 328 calories burned.
Seated Leg Curls: 8 x 110 lbs., 10 x 90 lbs., 12 x 80 lbs., 15 x 60 lbs., 20 x 50 lbs.
Lying Leg Curls: 8 x 110 lbs., 10 x 90 lbs.
Leg Press: 15 x 345 lbs., 20 x 435 lbs., 25 x 525 lbs., 30 x 615 lbs.

Lunch: Same as Monday

Dinner: Same as Monday... leftover pizza casserole.

Wednesday Morning: Thrive chocolate shake

Workout: Treadmill: 36 minutes - 1.88 miles - 317.9 calories.
I don't have the rest of my notes for Wednesday either. I should write them all in the same book, obviously!

Post-Workout: A couple of egg white cups.

Lunch: Mason jar salad w/serving of Hidden Valley Ranch. I forgot to bring a side of deli meat, so I made due with just the salad. It worked.

Dinner: Deli roast beef with various veggies and soy sauce. Courtney has made this before and I love this dish! I'm not a big fan of Chinese food, but this really works for me for some reason!

Thursday Morning: Thrive chocolate shake w/scoop of PB2.

Workout: Treadmill: 36 minutes - 1.82 miles - 310 calories.
No other notes available.

Post-Workout: Egg white cups.

Lunch: Mason jar salad w/Hidden Valley ranch and a side of deli shave ham.

Dinner: Leftover Chinese beef and veggies.

Evening: Serving of cashews.

Friday morning: Thrive chocolate shake w/scoop of PB2.

Workout: Treadmill: 36 minutes - 1.83 miles - 305 calories. No other notes available.

Lunch: Bag of shredded lettuce w/serving of Hidden Valley ranch and a side of deli ham.

Dinner: Gluten-free Louisiana pasta and chicken.

Evening: Half a can of Pepsi.

Saturday morning: Thrive chocolate shake w/scoop of PB2.

Workout: Treadmill: 36 minutes - 2.10 miles - 370 calories.
Stair Master: 5 minutes - 9 floors. Exhausting!
Calf Raises: 20 x 240 lbs.
Seated Leg Curls: 15 x 90 lbs., 12 x 100 lbs., 10 x 125 lbs.
Leg Extensions: 8 x 190 lbs., 10 x 170 lbs., 12 x 150 lbs.

Dinner: We did a late afternoon dinner at Noble Roman's for their awesome gluten-free pizza.

Evening: We all had a hankering for a piece of obnoxiously good cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. I had a piece of peanut butter cheesecake. Super rich.

Sunday Morning: Thrive chocolate shake w/scoop of PB2.

Workout: Treadmill: 36 minutes - 1.94 miles - 340 calories.
Incline Press Machine: 10 x 70 lbs., 6 x 80 lbs., 1 x 90 lbs.
Chest Press Machine: 12 x 50 lbs., 10 x 60 lbs., 6 x 80 lbs.
Shoulder Press: 8 x 50 lbs., 9 x 60 lbs., 7 x 70 lbs. Man, this machine kills my shoulders!
Front Dumbbell Lat Raises: 10 x 15 lbs.
Side Lat Raises: 8 x 15 lbs.
Shrugs: 10 x 60 lbs.

Lunch: 3 slices of leftover gluten-free pizza.

Dinner: Taco salad, which consisted of lettuce, tomato, green peppers, taco sauce, hamburger, a bit of shredded cheddar cheese, and a couple of crumbled Doritos on top. Had 2 bowls.

Well, that's it for the week. A few tablespoons of the JIF Simply Life peanut butter were thrown in there too throughout the week, and of course I made sure to get in 120 ounces of water in every day. I splurged a bit this week with the Pepsi and slice of cheesecake, but with the time I'm putting into the gym, and obviously down 40 lbs., I think I'm ok. There were a couple of days I forgot my little notebook and wrote down notes on a scrap piece of paper. Obviously that was a bad idea. I want to be able to look back to see how my workouts are improving. All and all, it was a good week, and I'm happy with the results.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

Jeremy C. Parsons

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