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February 25, 2017

Starting weight on 1/01/2017: 356 lbs.

Last week's weight on 2/19/2017: 324.5 lbs.

This week's weight on 2/25/2017: 322.5 lbs.

Still going the right direction! The way it was looking this week, I thought maybe I'd stay status quo. I thought maybe working out may actually slow things down a bit, but as it got later in the week, I realized that wasn't the case. As normal, I've kept track what I've eaten this week and also kept track of my workouts.

Monday Morning: Thrive vanilla shake w/banana

Lunch: Leftover pot roast from Sunday night & red grapes.

Dinner: Courtney made a awesome chicken alfredo dish with broccoli and gluten-free elbow macaroni & sauce. Sooooo good! She bought some new seasonings last week and it perfected this dish!

Tuesday Morning: Thrive vanilla shake w/banana

Workout: I Googled workout program's for beginners and ended up finding a 4-week program. I meant to start up on Monday but overslept, so I started on Tuesday. Put in 1.7 miles on the tread mill doing the "weight loss" option, which is up and down incline. I did a bit of chest and bicep excercises as well.

Post-Workout: A banana

Lunch: Salad w/grape tomatoes, a serving of Hidden Valley Ranch, deli ham and a side of red grapes.

Dinner: Leftover chicken alfredo. Did I mention it was sooooo good?

Wednesday Morning: Thrive vanilla shake w/scoop of PB2.

Workout: 1.7 miles on treadmill.

Post-Workout: Nature Valley peanut butter crunch bar

Lunch: Met my buddy John at Cafe Patachou in Castleton. Lots of healthy and gluten-free choices! I had an omelette w/mushrooms, bacon, & jalapenos along with a side of fruit consisting of: blueberries, pineapple, strawberries, and apples. Technically not a fruit day, but a much better choice than a side of potatoes!

Dinner: The weather in Indiana has been crazy warm this week! Courtney seasoned hamburgers. I exchanged propane tanks and grilled. Served with a side of Green Giant vegetable rice medley and mushrooms & green peppers! No bun on those 2 burgers.

Late Night: Handful of peanuts and a blueberry Nutri-grain bar. I gotta get those stupid bars out of the house! Ha!

Thursday Morning: Thrive vanilla shake w/scoop of PB2

Workout: I decided to get a small notebook to write down the exact excerises I should be doing, and keeping track of what I'm lifting. This insures that I'll follow the program... as best as I can anyway. Just starting out, I'm not able to do all of the reps. The program I found is a reverse pyramid. Less reps at a heavier weight, then increasing reps on a ligher weight. This is opposite from how I lifted in high school many moons ago:

Treadmill: 1.62 miles (35 minutes) @ 3.2-3.8 mph.
Dumbbell Bench Press: 6 x 25 lbs., 8 x 20 lbs., 10 x 15 lbs.
Lat Pulldown: 8 x 60 lbs., 10 x 48 lbs., 12 x 24 lbs.
Overhead Dumbbell Press: 8 x 20 lbs., 10 x 15 lbs., 8 x 10 lbs.
Leg Press: 40 x 500 lbs.
Lying Leg Curls: I skipped. Seemed like someone was always on the machine.
Rope Pressdown: 8 x 60 lbs., 10 x 48 lbs., 12 x 36 lbs.
Preacher Curl: 12 x 60 lbs.
Calf Raises: 15 x 100 lbs.
Crunches: 15
Chest Flyes: 6 x 60 lbs., 8 x 50 lbs., 12 @ 30 lbs.

Post-Workout: Single serving bag of Planters hot peanuts.

Lunch: Hamburger w/mustard (no bun) and a small side salad w/grape tomatoes & serving of Hidden Valley Ranch.

Dinner: Grilled center cut thin pork chops with a side of green beans. Ate 4 chops since they’re small and thin.

Late Night: 4 tablespoons of Simply JIF peanut butter. 33% less sugar than normal JIF, but 4 tablespoons late at night… probably not the best idea.

Friday Morning: Thrive Vanilla shake w/scoop of PB2

Workout: 35 minutes on treadmill. 1.7 miles, at a pace of 3.2-4.4 mph. 300 calories burned.

Post-Workout: Peanut butter Cliff Bar. Didn’t realize til after the fact, but these have a lot of sugar, yet promoted as a health bar. Anyone have any good ideas for a post-workout snack that’s not loaded w/sugar?

Lunch: 2 leftover pork chops and a small salad w/grape tomatoes & serving of Hidden Valley Ranch.

Dinner: Went to Charleston's for dinner and had baked chicken, vegetable medley, and a side of mushrooms.

Late Night: Single-serve bag of Planter's cashews.

Saturday Morning: Thrive Vanilla shake w/scoop of PB2.

Workout: 1.7 miles (35 minutes) @ 3.2-3.9 mph. 320 calories burned.
Dumbbell Bench Press: 12 x 20 lbs., 15 x 15 lbs., 14 x 10 lbs.
Lat Pulldowns: 4 x 84 lbs., 9 x 60 lbs., 12 x 48 lbs.
Overhead Dumbbell Press: 8 x 20 lbs., 6 x 10 lbs. Shoulders just wouldn't let me do anymore!
Leg Press: 40 x 500 lbs.
Lying Leg Curls: 8 x 80 lbs., 10 @ 60 lbs. Hamstrings were toast!
Calf Raises: 15 x 140 lbs., 10 x 120 lbs., 10 x 100 lbs.
Crunches: 15
Rope Pulldowns: 8 x 72 lbs., 10 x 60 lbs., 12 x 48 lbs.
Barbell Bicep Curls: 8 x 25 lbs., 5 x 20 lbs. This was to fail. My arms were shot!

Post-Workout: Liter of water & a peanut butter/dark chocolate KIND bar.

Lunch: After working out, I picked up groceries and came home. Courtney was kind enough to fix me a salad. It was a big salad, actually! I had thoughts of a Seinfeld episode running through my head. Chopped deli ham, pepperoni, bell peppers, grape tomatoes, and a serving of Hidden Valley Ranch. Courtney also makes "skinny chocolate" w/peanut butter on the weekends. It contains coconut oil and is part of a healthy fats requirement for the weekends. I had two pieces of it. They're small and made in like a rubber ice cube tray.

Afternoon: 3 pieces of turkey stick. A serving is 6 pieces @ 50 calories.

Dinner: Homemade 8" pizza on gluten-free dough. Natural pizza sauce, mushrooms, green peppers, pepperoni, turkey sausage, and just a touch of shredded mozzarella. Honestly, I put such a small amount of cheese on it, I'm not sure I'd even need it next time.

Late Night: Single serve bag of Planter's cashews.

Sunday Morning: Chocalate Thrive shake.

Lunch: Scrambled eggs and bacon.

Dinner: Chili is cooking in the crockpot as of this writing for dinner this evening.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a blessed week! By the way, if you're curious as to what the Thrive program is that I start each and every day out with, feel free to check out! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Jeremy C. Parsons

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